It's all very peachy  - Ghost 32

It's all very peachy - Ghost 32

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Studio Arhoj (A-Hoy) are an iconic destination in Copenhagen, Denmark....renowned for their super fun, hand made, hand painted ceramics. These little Ghosts will quietly inhabit your space, + are guaranteed to make you smile every time you see them. They're decorative, or can be used for whatever you can think up...but for me, I love nestling them in amongst the plants. Do you have plants at home? hmmm? ;)

Each Ghost is unique, + no two are the same. They're hand thrown, hand glazed, decorated + low fired in the kiln 3 times.

9 - 10cm

As this is a handcrafted piece, colors, texture + size will differ. The transparent glaze will eventually create fine lines across your Ghost, which is normal.

Sold as a single item. Plants not included.