Indoor Potting Mix 12lt - Pick up/Collect only

Indoor Potting Mix 12lt - Pick up/Collect only

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Features and Benefits

  • High quality lightweight formulation
  • Coir Peat ensures a higher water holding capacity than our Premium Potting Mix
  • Excellent drainage properties
  • Contains Perlite, Rapid Soak wetting agent, trace elements and controlled release fertiliser
  • Ideally suited to indoor pots and hanging baskets
  • Not suitable for Australian Natives

Directions For Use

  • Make sure the plant is sufficiently watered the day before repotting.
  • The replacement pot should be clean, and measuring a minimum of 5-7cm wider than the old one.
  • Form a bed of potting mix in the bottom third of the pot.
  • Gently remove the plant by tipping it upside down and tapping on all sides of the pot, taking care to keep the plant in place.
  • Put the plant in the new pot and fill the space with potting mix.
  • Press lightly on the new mixture so that the soil level is no higher than the previous pot.
  • Water liberally until it seeps from the drainage holes, and if necessary, add extra potting mix.