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Olive Zebra - Baggu Bags

Olive Zebra - Baggu Bags

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The BEST reusable bags are sustainable ones (details below)...+ when they look this cool, + carry up to 20kg of goods, there's really no excuse! The only problem will be chosing a design...we can't help you's probably best to just get a I right?! 

Carry by hand or over the shoulder.

Sizing: 62 cm long x 38 wide x 15 deep

Made using recycled ripstop nylon + is machine washable


Minimal Waste Design
To minimize waste and increase durability, our reusable bags are assembled from one continuous piece of recycled nylon material, with the neck of the bag used to construct the carrying pouch.

Recycled Nylon
Starting with our Spring 2022 collection, all of our ripstop nylon styles are now made with 100% recycled nylon filament yarn (up from 40% recycled before). This 100% recycled nylon yarn is produced from pre-consumer waste, which saves scrap material from being landfilled — meaning every Standard Baggu is now made entirely from nylon that would otherwise go to a landfill. This also conserves petroleum resources, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

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